Three Minutes in Kalos, by Ed Goldfarb


By the time he graduated in 1988 with a degree in music composition from the University of California Berkeley, Ed Goldfarb had already spent a decade in the music business. He produced records, composed music for shows, was music director for live performances, and composed music for choirs.

Soon, he formed the music production company Madcap Labs.

The vision was always to be a company capable of doing a wide variety of music projects. And, with the team he envisioned now in place, Ed and his composers share a unique approach to composition and orchestration, taken from the team’s collective experience, which continues to evolve.

Because they divide and conquer during collaboration, the team can score significant amounts of music in a short time while keeping the highest level of quality. That’s critical when composing music for quick turnaround projects like animation, television, and film.

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